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Realtor Ambassador for The Animal Welfare Funding Alliance 

 "One Home Sold and One Life Saved" (tm) promotion is a cooperative fundraising program developed for the Realtor Community to be engaged in saving pets throughout the United States.  

A recent survey showed that 99% of the people surveyed, consider their pets family members.  Realtors have a large part to play in the comfort and safety of their client's family pets. There are approximately 78 million dog owners and 85 million cat owners who count on having the most ideal housing situation for their family and their family pets. 

Since Realtors' goals are to develop long lasting and helpful relationships with their client(s) and the client'(s) family members, they are are often the eyes and ears of situations and events.  As a Realtor Ambassador for TAWFA and the "One Home Sold and One Life Saved" (tm) program, you become an essential part of keeping funds flowing on a consistent basis for animal welfare and rescue.  TAWFA creates increased visibility for Realtor Ambassadors through promotions and events and is a positive way to network with others while saving animals at the same time.

Please complete and acknowledge the information in this form below. Thank you for becoming a part of this really significant,  life saving network of Realtor Ambassadors for The Animal Welfare Funding Alliance. 

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