We are The Animal Welfare Funding Alliance Corp., (TAWFA), a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit.  TAWFA is an important fundraising arm of organizations and people who need money to support their efforts in saving at risk animal(s).   TAWFA is a national network of like-minded individuals and corporations that have come together to raise money on a grass roots level through information sharing, outreach, media and events.

The rescue efforts to save our pets from abandonment, abuse, illness and sadly, from the ultimate kill shelters is a passion for TAWFA and the rescue organizations we support.  These boots on the ground rescue efforts are fiscally challenged and without fundraising support, it is very difficult for them to continue on-going costly rescues. 

A national response of collective fundraising on all parts, makes every difference.  One contributor at a time, One pet at a time.