The Animal Welfare Funding Alliance, Corp. (TAWFA)'s Mission Statement is to be a fundraising arm to organizations who engage in the rescue of at risk pets . TAWFA is a network of  compassionate people that help fund the fiscal challenges of rescue organizations. TAWFA has been positioned to perform fundraising through special programs and events as a resource and one-stop coordinated funding center where we provide a hands-on, personalized structure to financially support animal rescue, health and education. TAWFA utilizes social media, events public relations and community outreach programs to enhance the visibility and financial support for animals with immediate needs.  

TAWFA's methodology is aligning Contributors with a pet or group of pets.  We want our Contributors - (Ambassadors for TAWFA), to think of TAWFA as their personal resource for selecting pets that need help.  When you financially contribute to TAWFA, you will be kept in the loop as to what animal(s) your contribution has been given to. 

TAWFA is a strong, supportive group of people, from all walks of life. We participate individually, yet as a whole, we make up a powerful Alliance of Ambassadors for the welfare of our loving animals.